Petite Brunette Stripper Spreads Wide

The guys who run the famous outdoor stripper contest are no fools when it comes to protecting the naked strippers from the spectators.  They run what I’ll call a ‘reverse zoo” operation. That is, the girls are inside the fence of a large pool ares of the nudist club and the animals, I mean spectators, are outside the fence.  There’s a big stage, with a pole of course, on one side were the girls perform in competition and then a whole bunch of stations inside the perimeter of the fence where the girls circulate around and show off. Some of these stations are raised platforms with poles and some are just blankets on the lawn.  It’s a good system because it gives spectators a chance to see each girl relatively closely and even talk to them a bit.

This little brunette was having a good time on both the platform and pole and blanket in the grass in front of me that day.  There’s normally such a crowd that I had to use my lens hood to push some people out of the way but I I think I got some good shots of her.

And speaking of lenses, my favorite for this event is a big white 70-200 f2.8 Canon L.  It has enough range to get both the close-ups of the good bits and the full body shots.  You’ll also not that I flash everything.  It may sound kind of strange to be using the flash on a bright sunny day but it lets me control the light and makes sure there isn’t anything interesting hiding in the shadows.

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