Famous Outdoor Stripper Contest

I’m sure you’ve all heard about, and probably seen pictures and videos of, the famous outdoor stripper contest that’s held every summer at Ponderosa Sun Club in Roselawn, Indiana.  Now, I need to call it the famous outdoor stripper contest rather than by its familiar name because the folks who run it guard their trademark closer than the Disney folks do Mickey’s but you can click on the link to the famous outdoor stripper contest to see for yourself.  Or maybe not.  That link is dead as I write this as is the link for Ponderosa Sun Club as I don’t know what’s going on this year.

It’s a great place for a stripper contest.  Because Ponderosa is a nudist club you can go naked.  I mean where else can you get naked and go watch strippers?  Try that in an gentleman’s club in the country and you’ll get road rash on your as as they bouncers throw you across the parking lot.  Of course there’s a catch here too, get a hardon while you’re naked and they’ll throw you ass outta here too.  So I’ve found that my usual gentleman’s club costume of going commando under loose shorts is best here too.

Also unlike a club anyone can take pictures and videos here as much as they’d like so you see hundreds of guys with cameras running around and getting in each other”s way.  I have a couple of specially razor-sharpened lens hoods I use to get those assholes out of my way.

There are two general types of named woman for pictures here – the pros and the amateurs.  The pros being the girls from the clubs who are competing for various stripper titles and I assume some cash to go with the cheap trophies.  And the amateurs are the spectators who choose to go naked and are usually pretty much exhibitionists when it comes to pictures.  After all, what woman would go naked to an event where she knows there will be hundreds of guys with cameras who is in any way shy of getting her picture taken.

This post has some of my favorite pros from the event a few years ago and then I’ll show you more of each of these girls as we go along here.

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