Famous Outdoor Stripper Contest

I’m sure you’ve all heard about, and probably seen pictures and videos of, the famous outdoor stripper contest that’s held every summer at Ponderosa Sun Club in Roselawn, Indiana.  Now, I need to call it the famous outdoor stripper contest rather than by its familiar name because the folks who run it guard their trademark closer than the Disney folks do Mickey’s but you can click on the link to the famous outdoor stripper contest to see for yourself.  Or maybe not.  That link is dead as I write this as is the link for Ponderosa Sun Club as I don’t know what’s going on this year.

It’s a great place for a stripper contest.  Because Ponderosa is a nudist club you can go naked.  I mean where else can you get naked and go watch strippers?  Try that in an gentleman’s club in the country and you’ll get road rash on your as as they bouncers throw you across the parking lot.  Of course there’s a catch here too, get a hardon while you’re naked and they’ll throw you ass outta here too.  So I’ve found that my usual gentleman’s club costume of going commando under loose shorts is best here too.

Also unlike a club anyone can take pictures and videos here as much as they’d like so you see hundreds of guys with cameras running around and getting in each other”s way.  I have a couple of specially razor-sharpened lens hoods I use to get those assholes out of my way.

There are two general types of named woman for pictures here – the pros and the amateurs.  The pros being the girls from the clubs who are competing for various stripper titles and I assume some cash to go with the cheap trophies.  And the amateurs are the spectators who choose to go naked and are usually pretty much exhibitionists when it comes to pictures.  After all, what woman would go naked to an event where she knows there will be hundreds of guys with cameras who is in any way shy of getting her picture taken.

This post has some of my favorite pros from the event a few years ago and then I’ll show you more of each of these girls as we go along here.

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Pretty Brunette Naked Stripper

I think this girl was one of the prettiest naked strippers there that day.  She has a very classically pretty face with her high cheekbones and strong chin.  And what a body, fit and toned without looking like a bodybuilder.  And her boobs are either fantastic natural C’s or the result of some incredibly skilled, and expensive, cosmetic surgery.

No tats and just a socially acceptable pierced navel, you could easily take this girl home to mom or as a great date at your high school reunion.  Why not, ditch the wife, rent a Ferrari and a stripper and go show off at your reunion.  Make all the conservative family men jealous and their wives wonder if you really do have that ten inch dick.

Anyway, I really like this girl and think she may even be prettier than the blonde girl in the first picture in my first post.  If all strippers looked like this I’d be spending much more time and money in gentlemen’s clubs.  And no, I didn’t talk to this girl because I didn’t want to risk loosing my fantasy if she turned out to have a voice voice like Betty Boop.

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Tiny Brunette Naked Stripper

I’ve found that many strippers fall into a few major categories of body shapes and sizes. First, we have the ever-popular blonde with a boob job like this blonde with the super personality in my first post.  That girl’s pretty thin but many have more meat on their bones, and bigger boobs too.  There’s also the brunette version of the same and a rare few redheads.  And then we have the skinny girls with small tits like the brunette in my second post and the flexible blonde in my third post.

And then we have this girl, the ultimate small boob, skinny petite brunette. What I’ve found is that the skinny girls are mostly better and more energetic dancers.  They just seem to put more into their performances, probably because they don’t have boobs to wave at us and distract our attention from mediocre dancing.

This was one of those very high energy girls who was bouncing all over and she had the same hugely outgoing personality as the blonde in my first post.  I bet this girl makes a lot of money in the clubs through the skill of her dancing the the force of her personality.  She looks the type who would literally jump in your lap and be small enough to not bend anything painful.

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Ultra Flexible Naked Blonde Stripper

This little blonde is he ultimate flexible stripper.  Being able to put both ankles behind your head is not trivial.  Considering the girth of most audience members poses like this are nearly beyond their comprehension, yet alone doing.  But, believe it or not, I used to be able to do this too.  After practicing yoga for at least an hour a day for a couple of years I could get both ankles behind my head.  And no, it isn’t painful although it is a painful memory for me as I think about the appalling shape I’m in now.

This girl obviously spent a lot of hours working on her flexibility in order to do these postures at will.  I didn’t see her dance but I’m certain that she was very smooth and fluid in her movements.  Who knows, she could moonlight as a ballerina somewhere on nights off from her stripping job.

In any case, all the stretching sure opened up everything for close ups with my 200 mm lens.  And not a tan line to be seen anywhere which kinda makes me wonder what postures she uses to tan.

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Petite Brunette Stripper Spreads Wide

The guys who run the famous outdoor stripper contest are no fools when it comes to protecting the naked strippers from the spectators.  They run what I’ll call a ‘reverse zoo” operation. That is, the girls are inside the fence of a large pool ares of the nudist club and the animals, I mean spectators, are outside the fence.  There’s a big stage, with a pole of course, on one side were the girls perform in competition and then a whole bunch of stations inside the perimeter of the fence where the girls circulate around and show off. Some of these stations are raised platforms with poles and some are just blankets on the lawn.  It’s a good system because it gives spectators a chance to see each girl relatively closely and even talk to them a bit.

This little brunette was having a good time on both the platform and pole and blanket in the grass in front of me that day.  There’s normally such a crowd that I had to use my lens hood to push some people out of the way but I I think I got some good shots of her.

And speaking of lenses, my favorite for this event is a big white 70-200 f2.8 Canon L.  It has enough range to get both the close-ups of the good bits and the full body shots.  You’ll also not that I flash everything.  It may sound kind of strange to be using the flash on a bright sunny day but it lets me control the light and makes sure there isn’t anything interesting hiding in the shadows.

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Hot California Blonde Stripper

Blonde strippers with incredible personalities like this girl are always big money-makers. I’ve seen a lot of strippers in my lifetime, both at this event and in their more natural habitats.  And I watch how much money they make and which ones and which body types and which personalities make more of less money.  Not that I dig into panties to count dollar bills, I wish, but it’s not difficult to tell which girls in a club are making money and which aren’t.

And girls like this blonde are always big money makers.  She isn’t the youngest and she doesn’t have the biggest boobs, even bolt-ons, and she doesn’t ave a flawless body.  But goddamn does she have a personality that comes out when she performs.  You can tell that some girls don’t really have a good time but this one always looks like she’s having the time of her life showing you the inner recesses of her vagina.

And that personality also makes her a great photography subject because it’s always more fun taking pictures of people having fun themselves.  It’s because of girls like this that I wear shorts to this event.

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